Saturday, July 9, 2011

Its been a long time.

On the web again pals. I really really forgotten I had a blog. So much for a blogger huh? :) Sorry anyway and lets get down to the point! I would be posting about the last mid year holidays! It was darn awesome and awesome darn. LMAO. 

During the first week, It was badminton camp! I am really engrossed with this sport nowadays. :p I had this week long camp at Setia Badminton Academy and I really benefited a lot from it. Training for 6 hours a day, my stamina and skills improved greatly. And I had a few new friends which till now I never forget. Too awesome to forget anyway. My coach was an ex-Indonesian national player Sapto, he's really funny and witty. Plus, he was the best wrist-work I had ever seen. 

Us and sapto :)

Me and Isabelle (melaka under-10 champion o.o)

me and idiot and xinyee

xinyee <3 idiot's BFF

blek ;p

me and shengwei (she's such a retard literally)


sapto and his parenting skills
kiddies take a pic!

idiot and isabelle


Isabelle, I'm so sad you had to return to Melaka. I feel so bad because I lose to you all the time although you're 9 years old :( 

We basically had a good time running around and eating cup noodles at night. :) And Han Jian was coaching us too! He was a world champion. :) loads of fun and experience. Since then, I was training with the academy two times a week. But I still suck for unknown reasons. ;p 

The second week of the hols, my family and cousins went to Langkawi and penang. We spend one-third of the time eating. Seafood, char kuey tiao and loads more! I really need to go on diet after that. HAHA. In Langkawi, we stayed at Westin Hotel which was pretty expensive and glamorous. My parents must have robbed a bank to stay there, o.o. The pool was wonderful and I loved the 3m pool. HAHA. In penang, everything was about food. we stayed at the town area and the beachside for 4 days! 

the awesome poolside

the rocky pool

beachside! :)

the ocean


me and my fav male cousin yiheng <3

me, heng, idiot and karyee <3

me and my dear karyee

its all about us <3

Hols, come back a lil faster will you?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Port Dickson Youth camp 2011

It's the hols and I've been training my badminton for like weeks. UGH. hoped I improved. MSSD is getting near. :O and yeah a week ago was youth camp! it was totally BOMB. Le Paris hotel, PD! we had an awesome time at the beach and got myself tanned up! And we had a wonderful speaker, Mr. Dexter which taught us a lot on lifesaving. :)

the beach! :)
dinner, everything was spicy! :D
sunset! <3 fuyyoh!
I'm losing my balance! :D
volleyball! :D weeeha!
HAWAII NIGHT. :D rofl weih. wtv dance, it sucks.
I'm set for the game! bringit on! :D
group pictha! :D

AWWW. I miss the youth camp! <3 I can't wait for next year! WOOTS! (broga is still the best) <3

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New year with friends rocks too!

Its quite a miracle my dad allowed me to go to this occation but still :) thanks to my excellent convincing power, I am allowed! :)) SMILES. First, my dad and I were driving to Xuein's house. But we got lost anyway and drove to klang area. And we ate BAK KUT TEH!! :DDD damn nice. Hahaha. But still at twelve, we reached her hse. After that, we went to Sheryls! And we had awesome shots! :)

We're preparing to bake! :) all smiles! :DD

Me and Estee :)

Husky! Husky! :) so handsome!!

Me and Sheryl's doggie husky! :)

Xuein, Celine, Sheryl and me! XD

Sheryl! She's soo pretty! She looks identical to Denise Poh! :O

I am carrying celine! She's only 40kg! ==

Amazing friends! :)
In Sheryl's lawn :) lalala.

On sheryl's BMW. :) poser!

Celine carrying me! I'm 45kg!!

So what! we're still a rockstar! :) (MY HEAD HURTS)

Amazing friends! :) Girl's day out! > <

So, after spending hours there, Hui Ann came to ppick me up from Xuein's and we went to Shuen Yee's hse! XD weeee! :)

The lion dance performance! :) Nearly turn all of us deaf! >.<

nicely decorated :)

Shuen Yee and her friend! oppps forgotten the name. leandra? leeandreaa? idk >.<

Who dares to challenge her to a skinny contest? YOU'LL LOSE. (jen wen sorry! :D)

This made me really deaf too.

jen and rachel Chuii :) <3

Lion dance setting up :D

Group photo! :) awww <3
Rachel, me and a very small part of Wey Kit :)

group photo of the games player!! :) KING FOREVER <3 damn fun weih!!

But anyway, my mum had a minor accident and had to pick me up later. :) So I and shuen chatted till 22.45! :DD awesome day weih! XDD friends are awesome.

<3 melifegood